At Teleperformance Portugal, we are more than 10.000 employees from 84 nationalities, together every day forming a winning team. We are the best example of why should work abroad.

We provide our services in 35 languages, for 64 markets. This is our reality. We are a people company. We are made of people that come from all over the world and this is the base for our multicultural identity. This diversity also brings to the company more creativity, more will to innovate and a great capacity to compete in the international markets.

"This is the only way to develop knowledge about new markets, which allows us to reach more customers, in an increasingly rapid capacity to adapt and adjust the services. International experiences are provided, new working horizons are gained and mentalities are changed”, says
Pedro Gomes, Chief Operations Officer, in an opinion article published in the Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias, in October 2018.

We live in a completely globalized world, where the sharing of knowledge and information no longer knows borders.

At Teleperformance Portugal we are happy to live in a world like this. Here, new horizons and new mentalities arrive every day through fellowship, where various cultures intersect and there is a sharing of stories and knowledge that would not happen otherwise. A conviviality that is done not only within the company but also in the integration of this multicultural talent in a globalized society, that is now their new home.

This healthy multicultural coexistence and social inclusion was the motto for the World Food Fest event. A food festival from all over the world that brought together samba workshops, Mexican embroidery and even Porto wine tastings. A sharing of experiences, cultures and ways of thinking. Germans ate picanha argentina, dutch danced samba and, all together, we celebrated diversity.


Are you not convinced yet about the advantaged of working abroad?

First of all, a professional experience abroad will give you the opportunity to learn how to work in a new team, with a different origin, experiences and cultures. You will come across with people with different languages, ideas, beliefs, methods of working and so on. Therefore, you will need to adapt your work methods and a huge personal and professional growth will be part of your daily routine. Additionally, being part of different organizational cultures is one of the best ways of getting ready for the next step in your career.

It will also improve your communications skills. When we come across with language barriers and cultural differences in our own country, we tend to run away to our old friends who think exactly the way we do. In a foreign country you will have to deal with all such barriers on your own.

Moreover, such an experience will definitely enrich you and make you stand out of the crowd. Any company that receives a profile with an international experience will want to know more about you.  Today, the labor market increasingly values this opening of horizons. There are no frontiers and the exchange of people and knowledge is a reality. Working abroad is, therefore, the first step to start building a successful and international career.

Teleperformance Portugal has several job opportunities for those who want to enrich their career. You can check them here

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