There are a lot of reasons why you should consider Portugal as the best place to live and work. Here’s the main ones.

Looking for jobs in Portugal in an easy task if you know where to look. At Teleperformance we have hundreds of career opportunities and one of them will probably fit your profile and meet your expectations. But there are some objective reasons why Portugal is such a nice place to work. Here’s the 5 main ones you should be aware of:

Good weather and fantastic food

This is not directly job related but it is one strong argument that Portugal has to offer. The climate is temperate and sunny throughout the year and the food is fresh, healthy and truly diversified. This makes for some quality of life standards that will help you getting the right spirit and energy to work and to develop a successful career.

Economic recovery

After a very difficult economic period, the country has been recovering consistently. In recent years there has been a series of positive macroeconomic indicators that places Portugal in the recovery path.

Unemployment has fallen drastically, growth levels are moderate but solid, exports are rising and public accounts are finally under control. The context is therefore favorable for business development and, of course, for employment in general.

jobs in Portugal
jobs in Portugal

Technological environment is helping jobs in Portugal

A strong point is the country’s growing technological environment. This is a strategic option regarding national authorities and the academic institutions themselves. Everything seems to contribute to the instalment of start-ups and some of the largest international companies in the digital and IT areas.  To the point where the country begins to be seen as the Silicon Valley of Europe and jobs in Portugal are attracting more and more professionals.

This is, of course, a scenario that favors the country. Portugal already has a very interesting history of revolutionary innovations (ATM, Via Verde, prepaid mobile phones, among others) and also has top infrastructures in terms of technology. Starting with the speed of the internet and ending up in office parks optimized for the installation of companies.

Affordable cost of living

Despite the intense real estate valuation of recent years, especially when we talk about the main urban centers, the truth is that the standard of living in Portugal is still quite reasonable when compared to the main European metropolises. And this is reflected in terms of office rents and house rents.

In addition, the cost of living is also relatively affordable in the country. It is true that wages are also below the European average, but this is compensated precisely by the affordable cost of living and, above all, by the quality of life the country provides. The recent trend shows, however, that wages are rising above inflation, making jobs in Portugal increasingly attractive.

jobs in Portugal

Young and multicultural environment

With this chapter of technological boost, the workforce attracts younger and more digital generations, who see in Portugal a direct response to their demands in terms of lifestyle. The country is flourishing and modernizing and there is a process of rejuvenation in companies and even in public administration. In the labor market, Portugal is an increasingly young country.

There’s also the multicultural factor, such as Teleperformance, where it’s really a matter of philosophy and even business strategy. The possibility of contacting people from all “corners” of the globe is naturally an attraction for the generations that have followed globalization and the international communication process brought by the world wide web.

Jobs in Portugal – Why Teleperformance?

If there are five reasons to choose Portugal as a place to work, there are also enough motivations to choose Teleperformance as the company to work in:

Best company to work for in Portugal – Teleperformance has been named the “Best Company to Work for in Portugal” nine times by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Fastest-growing company – The company was also considered the fastest growing company in the country, after reviewing the last three years. This means that integrating Teleperformance leaves solid prospects for the future.

A people’s company – Although Teleperformance is at the forefront of technology integration, it does not give up its DNA. That means a constant concern for the well-being of employees and a human perspective embedded in the company and in all its interactions.

Work-life balance – Teleperformance makes a point of promoting the balance between personal and professional life. In addition to respecting this balance, the company itself organizes several free activities to promote it.

Career opportunities – This is another strategic issue at Teleperformance. Most of the hiring is done internally, through career development programs that the company makes available to its employees. It is a company where it is possible to evolve and grow, where opportunities do exist.

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