Italian speaking jobs are not the most common in Portugal. At Teleperformance we reverse this “rule” and have a consistent offer for Italian native speakers.

There are Italian speaking jobs in Portugal. Therefore, Italian community in Portugal has been growing consistently, to the point that in 2017 that nationality entered the top 10 of the countries that “export” most people to Lusitanian territory. It is true that this increase had an important contribution from citizens from Brazil who benefited from dual nationality, but it is still an interesting indicator and an important argument for other Italians to consider living in Portugal.

The cultures go along together. Languages are relatively similar and even the climate is comparable, particularly if we consider the central and southern regions of Italy. As Mediterranean countries, Portugal and Italy share, for example, some agricultural products, namely olive oil and wine. They are also two countries with a very strong cheese culture.

There are also similarities in terms of gastronomy. And even though the Italians advocate that we do not have the pasta and pizzas that are so characteristic of Italy, it is also true that Italian food is so international that we find countless  quality restaurants with that offer.

italian speaking jobs

Italian speaking jobs working abroad

One of the issues that has favored some Italian emigration is the major economic and financial difficulties that the country has experienced recently. Low levels of confidence and some political uncertainty have contributed to instability. Italy is still one of the largest economies in Europe but many people are now looking for Italian speaking jobs outside the country.

Portugal makes perfect sense to the Italians. It benefits from a very similar climate and culture and is a country where opportunities have multiplied. An example of this is Teleperformance Portugal, which has job offers in many languages, including Italian.

Teleperformance not only cares about and welcomes people of Italian origin, but also has Italian speaking jobs for some of its main clients. Therefore, if you speak Italian and imagine yourself living in Portugal, check out the job opportunities available in your language.

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