If you are planning to stay in Portugal, there are some important aspects to include in your plan.

When you decide to move to a new country and in this case stay in Portugal, the first thing you must do is to come up with a structured plan to guarantee your move is successful.

Visas and permits

Getting your visa or permit is an essential first step to start a new chapter of your life in Portugal. Visa Requirements in Portugal have several specifications according to your nationality among other aspects. If you want to stay in Portugal and don’t know how to obtain a visa or a permit, we have several articles that can help you with this important task:

Finding your new home

Now that you have taken care of your visa, it’s time to find a place that you can turn into your new home, while you stay in Portugal. The first choice you must make is whether you should rent or buy. This decision must depend on your personal situation, and whether you’re looking for a long or short term option. We suggest some website where you can find houses to rent and buy all over the country: Sapo, ERA, ReMax, among others.

If you want to know the best places to live in Portugal, read the article: Just arrived? We tell you where to live in Portugal!

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Looking for a job

When building a new life abroad, having a stable job is crucial to guarantee a successful stay in Portugal or in any other country. The Portuguese market has a lot of opportunities in different industries that require several languages and skills.

The first step is to know where you can find the perfect job for you. Some websites where you can start your search are: indeed, Sapo Emprego, Europe Language Jobs, LinkedIn and Teleperformance Portugal website “Jobs”, where you can find job offers from all over the country, in several areas of expertise. If you want to know more about finding a job in Portugal, read the following articles:

Learning Portuguese

In any country you decide to live in, learning the language is certainly an advantage. In Portugal if you learn how to speak Portuguese it’s definitely positive, however, most of the people know how to speak English. That means that while you are still learning the language you can live a comfortable life in the country and even get your dream job! There are a lot of jobs that require the English language and other languages like German, Dutch, French, among others. In Teleperformance, we have hundreds of opportunities that require several languages. If you work with us, we have a free training program to learn Portuguese!

ID and other important subjects

In Portugal, there is the Citizens’ shop, that seeks to minimize the bureaucracy. That means that you can take care of a wide range of matters that are important, once you are in Portugal such as:

  • Change your address;
  • Social Security Card applications;
  • Tax Card Applications;
  • Water connection and disconnection;
  • Electricity connection and disconnection;
  • Gas connection and disconnection;
  • Information about Professional Training;
  • Information about Health Services;
  • Public Administration Services;
  • Post Office Services;
  • Cable TV subscription.

We hope that this article helped you to plan your stay in Portugal. We wish you the best of luck in this new adventure!

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