Oporto careers are your best choice! From north to south, jobs continue to rise.

Although Lisbon is the capital, there is a major development in other cities where satisfactory levels by employees are much higher. We call them Oporto careers!

In the past years, Portugal has become a global attraction. The overall economic improvement, internal and external investments, technological boom and startup blowout came together to shine a light on the potential that exists in each square meter of this country bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.  Realistically, Lisbon has always been a center stage when it came to finding a job in Portugal. Now, with its growing tech scene and investment, there are plenty of things which provide an ideal quality of Life. However, that scenario might change in the following years and migrate to another well-known city. If you’re looking for a job in Portugal, you should consider the various Oporto careers.

Why Porto?

From housing to the cost of living, Porto is cheaper than Lisbon. In addition, Porto’s cultural scene is bustling, with plenty of festivals, events, amazing green areas, and a very reliable transport system with modern trams, as well as an airport voted as the best of its size in Europe. Another advantage of Porto is its commerce. The site is home to several old businesses with decades of existence and giant shopping centers. The only way to truly get to know Porto is by visiting streets such as Santa Catarina, Cedofeita, or Rua das Flores. If you’re wondering about safety, Portugal has been considered the fourth safest country in the world and the city of Porto experiences a lower crime rate than Lisbon.

Oporto Careers

Oporto Careers

Porto is a city of entrepreneurs. Now, more than ever, companies are setting up shop in Porto, such as start-ups but also several giants, improving the corporate atmosphere. The reasons for this investment is simple: there is less competition, cheaper offices, award-winning universities that facilitate recruitment and highly skilled local labor.

A study developed by Hays, with the support of InvestPorto, consisted of an analysis of the latest trends in the labor market in the Porto/North macro-regions, which showed that Porto and the overall region are “experiencing a favorable and promising economic moment, including the increase in the number of companies deciding to invest and settle in the city.” The report also highlighted that most qualified professionals, when asked about their satisfaction with their current job, “most claim to be satisfied with key factors such as geographical location of the company (82%), the quality of the facilities (80%), the contractual situation (78%) and the schedules (77%).”

In other words, Oporto careers are more than the pursue of a job. Making Porto your home is making a decision of investing in yourself, of experiencing a superb quality of life, a changing tech industry and international investment. All of this translates into opportunities that awaits all!

The best thing of all? Everyone can already build their Oporto careers at Teleperformance!  One of our most recent workspaces is in Porto and is called TP Douro.  TP Douro blends into the landscape,  has plenty of natural light, a one-of-a-kind view of the Douro River, and large, modern, and comfortable work and rest areas.

Oporto Careers

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