Moving to Portugal always seemed a good idea but you don’t know how? Teleperformance Portugal is the perfect gateway.

By this time you are wondering why…and we can help with that. Thought the Teleperformance Portugal’s doors you will enter in a magnificent and sunny country, having the opportunity to know all the cultural traditions while hanging out with your Portuguese colleagues. The ultimate advantaged? You will grow your international career and, at the same time, you will be having the best experience of your life. When moving to Portugal becomes a real possibility, the first thing that everyone defines as a priority is: how to find a good job opportunity. 

In Portugal you have not to find a good job in Portuguese. If in other countries this might be a problem because of your mother language, at Teleperformance Portugal it is definitely an advantage. Made of a unique multicultural environment of 84 nationalities, Teleperformance transforms your weaknesses in your strengths, in a team of foreigners in Portugal but already feeling like at home.

So, if you can manage to find the perfect job, your next step is…finding where to live in Portugal. And Teleperformance is also your best option. The company offers a relocation package that includes a flight to Lisbon and accommodation in a Teleperformance’s apartment! You are now starting to understand why Teleperformance is the perfect gateway to Portugal, but we are only at the beginning of this amazing list of advantages!


Do you know that boring part of handling with all the paperwork with social security numbers, Portugal residence card,  or even Portugal visa requirements? Forget it. Teleperformance has its own department just to help you with that so it becomes easier for you to emigrate to Portugal.

Considered one of the best companies to work in Portugal, by the Great Place to Work Institute, and awarded several times by other entities, Teleperformance knows the importance of a healthy work-life balance and, therefore, promotes several activities during the weekends, integrated into a club created just for this purpose: TP Club!  You might participate in a free surf lesson in the morning and learn how to bake the best cake ever in the afternoon! You don’t believe it? Check the events for this weekend!

So if you are still wondering if moving to Portugal is a good idea, let’s face the truth.

Portugal is THE country nowadays. With all the international events going on, such as the Web Summit in Lisbon, everyone wants to be in the center of the technological world. Being part of the Teleperformance Group, worldwide leader in Customer Experience Management and shared services for international markets, Teleperformance Portugal is the right company in the right country.

With a highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable team, with a wide range of integrated omnichannel solutions, technology, and the highest security standards, Teleperformance is not only the perfect gateway to Portugal.

It is the perfect gateway to your successful career!

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