At Teleperformance Portugal, German speaking jobs aren’t just important, they are essential. Start learning German with our quiz!

Being able to communicate and understand different languages can open many doors and with it, job opportunities. German is one of the primary languages used in intercontinental relations and when it comes to businesses, it is one of the top languages of the global market. German speaking jobs are on high demand due to the lack of people that can speak it at a native level, making it very important and highly sought skill.

german speaking jobs

At Teleperformance Portugal, there are many German speaking jobs, as well as many Germans. Because we are such a big family with people every corner of the globe, we constantly interact with others from different backgrounds and countries. In other words, learning opportunities are all around us. At Teleperformance Portugal it’s common to find German employees teaching their colleagues a few German words that quickly lead to sentences and the classrooms are all around us: During lunch, work, a coffee break, or after work, during drinks. On the other hand, it is equally common for German speakers to learn English or improve their language skills by performing the job itself or by learning from their colleagues. A win-win for both sides. If you are looking for job opportunities, where you can learn and grow, Teleperformance Portugal is the answer!

We are more than 10,000 people of 84 nationalities, speaking 35 languages. We are able to communicate brilliantly with each other. Sometimes in English, sometimes in our mother language, sometimes even using sign language. However, the most important thing is that we learn with each other every single day. From now on, we want to learn a little more about all these languages that, united, make our company the “Best Place to Work”!

If you’re curious about how to begin a conversation, you can start learning the basics by following the dialogue below and then, test your German language skill with a quiz!

Are you ready to test your German language skills?

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