Being socially responsible is thinking about the well-being of those around us.

It’s thinking about the future. And by talking about the future, we are also talking about the destiny of our home, planet Earth. And this is where our company makes a difference: taking care of the environment.

The Teleperformance family has made a commitment to reduce, to the maximum extent, its ecological footprint. The idea is to reduce, every day and as much as possible, any negative environmental impact, so that future generations can have access to all the resources necessary for their survival. We think in a sustainable way.

So, in 2008 our COTP program was born and with it we show that we are committed to improving the world. And as we are stronger together, we have joined our employees, more than 223 thousand working in 76 countries so that, together, we can do more and better.

Social Responsability
Teleperformance Portugal
Teleperformance Portugal

There was, and still is, so much to be done. After all, where to start? We set the pace and started indoors. We started by creating sustainable workplaces, where reducing water, paper and waste reduction costs became our number one priority! As we reduced, we recycled. Our goal? Having a paperless work environment.

And as we always want more, we also would like to reduce our energy consumption, while minimizing our carbon footprint. We have already planted trees and we want to continue joining the Teleperformance family in more voluntary actions that help the environment.

Working at Teleperformance


Every day we make a difference. There are battery recycling points in all Teleperformance buildings. There is no excuse for not bringing them from home! And plastic is also included in our action plan.

Since 2015, we have eliminated plastic waste, giving all employees who start working with us a reusable bottle. But we did not stop here.

All plastic caps that our employees deliver in the reception rooms of the Teleperformance buildings are delivered to Dona Estefânia Hospital, to help in the purchase of material to take care of children.

But there’s more. Teleperformance Portugal Corporate Social Responsibility program was certified by Verego – Responsible Sourcing Solutions. This certification allows to involve not only our employees but also all entities that work with Teleperformance in fair social responsibility practices.

In Portugal, and in the world, we do our part. What about you, do you do your part?

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