With companies going digital in posting and recruiting for job offers, it’s important for any professional to know how to use job search sites.

This is why these platforms are crucial to finding the right job.

According to research published in 2010 by the Phoenix Center, looking for work in online job search websites decreases the chance of discouragement and an abandoned job search by 50 percent. The online world offers a variety of job search sites to help you find the right job, apply, build your online CV and research companies. These job search sites are normally intuitive for the user, however, without the research skills necessary to know how to search for jobs online, many professionals may find it hard to locate open jobs and apply for them.

job search sites

Why you should search for a job online

Recruiters from almost every company worldwide search their candidate’s information online using platforms like, for example, LinkedIn. That means that your digital presence is very important to stand out in the market. Today’s market is extremely competitive, so consider that successful job seekers are taking their job search online, don’t stay behind!

Remote work opportunities are incising globally, more and more companies are adopting this new way of working because it allows to reach a largest talent pool, employers advertise for these jobs online. You will save a lot of time going digital, instead of sending letters or CV to every employee, use an online job search to give you time to perfect your search and most importantly, to customize your CV!

Job search sites

In Portugal, there are a lot of options on where to look for a job online. Some of the job search sites that you can choose from are LinkedIn, indeed, Sapo Emprego and Europe Language Jobs. Teleperformance Portugal has a website “Jobs”, specialized in recruitment, where you can find hundreds of job opportunities in several areas of expertise. Jobs is a website that allows the job seeker to find jobs with the desired characteristics. Click here to explore our website.

At Jobs website, you can select the Portuguese region you want to look for a job, the area of specialization like marketing, sales, management, IT, among many others. Teleperformance distinguishes itself for many reasons, one of them is the multiculturalist and diversity, so we need people from all over the world that are fluent in various languages. At this website you can select the specific language you will use at your job, like Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Finnish, French, Italian and more.

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