There are questions to ask in a job interview. You should show yourself engaged with the opportunity and motivated enough to fence curiosity and be proactive. Check some tips you should keep in mind.

When answering an offer, you should be aware of the questions to ask in a job interview. The process is not a one-way street. You have the freedom to question and understand if this is the right opportunity for you. And this is welcomed by the interviewer, as it shows interest, motivation and dynamism.

It’s good to be aware that this is not an interrogation, but rather a conversation. And that means, first of all, studying the company in question, getting to know its business and singularities.

That’s an easy task. Any company with the minimum of consistency will have a web site where you can collect generic information that will give you the proper framework. Once you’ve done your homework, it’s time to focus on more specific questions about the role you’ve applied for.

Of course, your questions should be relevant. And you must convey self-confidence, but without excesses. Also try not to monopolize the conversation with successive questions. Ask one at a time and wait for the answer.

It is very important to know how to listen. Pay attention to the questions you are asked and answer them properly, with objectivity and energy. After all, it’s an interview and you’re not just there to question. The interviewer leads the conversation, but it is up to you to make it valuable.

Don’t forget you don’t have a second chance to create a first impression. This is your moment!

Questions to ask in a job interview
Questions to ask in a job interview

Questions to ask in a job interview: Job

Your job is obviously the main thing in a job interview. Try to find out if it really meets your expectations, at the same time you deliver clues about your professionalism and attitude towards work.

What are the main responsibilities of the job?

Shows interest on your part and, additionally, you will be able to have a more accurate idea whether the role is what you are looking for.

Is there room for career progression?

This shows that you are ambitious, and reveals if there will be room for growth within the company.

What can you tell me about the team?

With this, you will have a perspective on how the department in question works and what is reserved for you in terms of effective work. It also shows that you are a “team player”.

With which departments will I relate and to whom do I report?

Once again, you show interest and also hierarchical respect. At the same time, you will have more important information about the mechanics of the job.

In this function, what can be considered as a success?

It shows that you can be a person aligned with the company objectives and also serves to clarify what is expected of you.

What would you consider the main skills for the job?

Here you will be able to see if you are effectively qualified for the job.

Is it possible to give me an idea of the objectives that you would consider indicated to fulfill in the next 90 days? And within a year? What would you consider to be a successful performance?

Referring to time goals indicates that you are organized and that you have a responsibility towards meeting deadlines.


Questions to Ask in a Job Interview: Business

Understanding the business is always an important step towards fulfilling your duties effectively. Show interest in the company and its growth. You’ll be getting a few more points in your favor.

What are the main challenges of this business?

If you haven’t been able to find out from the company’s website yet, it’s time to better understand the global perspective in which you’ll be involved.

How would you define the company’s culture?

Again, it’s something that may be expressed on the website and, in that case, instead of asking, find a way to, in the middle of the conversation, show that you’ve already are informed.

What is the company’s growth and innovation strategy?

Besides being a very valid information for you, in the sense of understanding if the company interests you in the long term, you show commitment to the future.

For you, what is the most exciting part of working in this company?

This is a more strategic question. The idea is to understand the reaction of the interviewer and thus have some feedback on the internal environment in the company.

Questions to ask at a job interview: Learning

Evolution and continuous improvement are increasingly important variables in the business world. You will have to show yourself available to grow and to add more and more.

How and how often do you evaluate your employees?

It shows that you understand the importance of being evaluated according to the expected results. It’s a professional attitude.

Will I be able to do additional training?

Besides the interest you may have in acquiring more skills, this is also a way to show that you intend to evolve.

How would you define the environment in the company. Is it more collaborative or independent?

It allows you to know if you will have to work in a more autonomous logic or if there is a spirit of mutual help and sharing of skills within the company.


Questions to ask in a job interview: Farewells


What are the next steps? Do you need anything else from me?

It’s time to finish. Show yourself available and use friendliness and simplicity for the farewells.

When can I expect an answer?

It’s okay to show interest in the position. It’s therefore legitimate for you to want to know when there will be feed back.

Questions to ask in a job interview

What you shouldn’t ask?

If you need to be active and dynamic in a job interview, you should not overdo it. There are questions that don’t go well. In particular, avoid showing too much focus on your personal interests. You are there to convey what you can do for the company and not the other way around. You’ll have time for that later, if they actually make you a job offer.


Questions to ask in a job interview: what should I avoid?


What is the branch of the company?

Oh my friend! If you asked this question, you are far from being chosen. It’s up to the candidate to find out about the company. The interviewer will expect no less from you.

Do I have to work outside from schedule?

While this is relevant information for you, it may not be the right time to raise the issue. You will have an opportunity to better understand the demands of the job.

What are my benefits?

Your benefits are not the priority. Instead, the goal is to understand what you can contribute to the company. Your mission is to convey this to the interviewer.

When can I take a vacation?

This is not one of the questions to ask in a job interview. You are supposed to know that you should only think about holidays after six months of being active. Focus on the working part.

If I get the job, can I change the schedule?

This conveys an idea of instability that is not welcome. If you’re hired, the idea is that you’ll be able to adapt to the structure and procedures in place.

So, am I hired?

Don’t be hasty and impatient. Show that you respect the decisions of others and wait for them to inform you when it is convenient for the company. After all, you are one of many candidates and everyone has personal and professional qualities. Your task in the interview is to show that you are the best in both items.

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