If you are looking for a job it’s normal to think carefully if you should or shouldn’t apply for a certain job, especially if it’s abroad.

Fortunately, there are companies like Teleperformance that facilitate this decision! But what happens next? What is the job application process?

The decision to work abroad can be difficult to make, especially because it can be a complicated process. At Teleperformance, we want to guarantee that every member of the team has a career path that allows them to grow professionally. That is why we created the Atlantic Experience, an international recruitment program. This program provides full integration of each member of our team that comes from abroad and chooses Portugal to live and work, not only in the company but also in the country.

Check the Atlantic experience video and get to know what our team thinks of the program!

Teleperformance Welcome & Support team helps the newcomer in every step of the integration. Help with the accommodation, Portuguese free training programs, leisure activities like surf and events, are only some of the many perks our team has! Here in Teleperformance Portugal blog, you can find all kind of useful information to move to Portugal, including Portugal Visa Requirements: know everything and Do you want to live in Portugal? 5 things to know

How does the job application process work?

The job application process in Teleperformance Portugal it’s structured in a simple and effective way, so each candidate has an opportunity to find the right job.

1 – The job application process is all done by phone. In the first call, our recruitment team presents to you Teleperformance Portugal and will understand your motivations to work in the company;

2 – After a successful first call, you will receive on your email some online tests, to determine certain types of skills required for the job;

3- If you are successful in the previous phase, a second call will take place in order to present the job details and clarify some doubts you may have;

4- In the final phase a member from our team will interview you by phone;

5 – After a successful interview, you’ll receive a Formal Job Offer!

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