When it comes to looking for a job, building the perfect resume structure is essential. Therefore, before you send yours, we tell you what you should know!

Putting together the right resume structure is extremely important. A resume is a bridge between you and a job opportunity than can lead to much more. It’s essential that your resume stands out from the crowd since companies don’t have much time to interview candidates. However, equally important is doing research so you can better prepare for a new adventure abroad.

resume structure

Cover letter

A cover letter is, in essence, an introduction with the objective of highlighting to your potential employer key accomplishments and overall, to shine a light on you as a person. In Europe, cover letters are expected from candidates as they allow recruiters to differentiate between candidates with similar qualifications. When creating one, remember to keep the same tone and start the first paragraph strong, for example, with a personalized greeting.

Cultural differences

If you are applying for a job abroad, tailoring your resume structure to the specific country is crucial. By submitting a resume specific to the cultural environment where you seek employment, your chances of being the one who stands out the most, increase. The goal is to create a worldwide resume. Keep in mind that creating one single resume is not possible since there are many cultural differences from country to country and off course, from within the country itself. In short, you should adjust your resume depending on where you are applying.

resume structure

A reference list

When building your resume structure, it’s important you provide some information about yourself. However, a resume isn’t meant for a complete history of yourself and of everything you have ever done. By doing, you take a huge risk of ending up out of the short list and into the no list. As we said earlier, most companies don’t spend much time on candidates. What they want to know is precise and pertinent information. You should only mention and describe the experiences directly relevant to the job you are applying for, focusing on your strong points, such as projects or aspects where your contribution made a big impact.

The right language

When you have your resume structure done, it’s time to take a second look and edit some elements if needed, specifically, keywords. It’s important you learn how to write in different ways for different jobs which can be part of contrasting industries. For example, a job in engineering does not deal with the same information and terminology as a job in sales. Thus, customizing your writing to a specific job role shows experience and knowledge. Also, use keywords from the company website in order to reflect their values. By doing so, you will show attention to detail and that you are aware of the nature of the company, guiding you much closer to the job opportunity you seek.

In the end, the most essential thing of all is that all information is current and accurate, that you write clearly and with the goal of standing out. Providing the right resume restructure is sure to make all the difference! So if you’re searching for a job abroad and you want to test your new resume structure, take a look at all the job opportunities at Teleperformance Portugal!

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