You are job hunting, looking for a new professional challenge that makes you grow professionally and have a successful career. But where to start?

Today we will give you essential tips that you should know when you start your job hunting.

What are you looking for?

When you are job hunting the first thing you need to do, before starting your job search is to take time to reflect on the type of work you enjoy doing and if you have the required skills to do it. The better you know your strengths and weaknesses, more likely you’ll find a job that will allow you to build a successful career. Finally, you need to think about several aspects that are relevant for you, the company culture, the location, if there is a plan for career progression, among other things.

Get organized

A very important aspect of finding the right job is organization. You need to take time to organize a search strategy that means you have to select the best sources to find the type of offers you want. When you start applying for jobs, we recommend that you have a simple document where you track the jobs you’ve applied for, the companies that called you for an interview, among other important information.

Search using advanced search options

On several job search websites, you have the options “Advanced Search” and “Filters” that allow you to search by a specific location, job, area of expertise, company, date, among other options. Some websites you can start searching are indeed, Sapo Emprego, Europe Language Jobs and Teleperformance Portugal website “Jobs”, which has hundreds of offers for several languages as areas.

Teleperformance Portugal

Tailor your resume to each job offer

When you’re editing your CV, you need to adapt it to each job offer you apply for. The work experience, education, and skills you include on your CV need to be relevant for what the employer is asking, otherwise, he will not consider you for the job. The employer needs to read your CV and conclude you’re the obvious fit. There are a lot of ways to improve your CV if you want to know more about how to have a great CV, read the article Looking for the best resume template for free download? We can help!

Make sure the job is a good fit for you

Finally, after all things considered, you need to evaluate if the job offer is a good fit for you. You need to know if you really want this job, will you reach your professional and personal goals? Will you have a work-life balance? Do you fit in the organizational culture? It’s important to analyze the pros and cons, in order to make a good decision. Of course, there are no perfect jobs, there are always some aspects you don’t like about it or that just don’t fit your personality, so you need to consider the whole package and decide if it’s worth it.

Now that you have a good starting point for your job hunting mission, we wish you good luck on finding your dream job! Start right away and check all the job opportunities we have for you here!

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