We all want to bet on our career and find success. Get to know the training program that can help you!

Teleperformance Portugal’s Jump! This program helps you in this journey towards your professional fulfillment.

Competitive companies are those who know exactly what the secret to success is: investing in the development of its employees!

Attracting and maintaining the human capital of an entity requires a daily investment in people management. They are the reflection of a company. And it’s because of them, because of the people who give their best every day, that companies become differentiated in their area of business.

By feeling supported and valued, the employees of any company will continue to want to be better at their work.

Job Program Jump!

The Teleperformance group realized right away that supporting its employees and giving them the right tools for their development is the way to go forward. Jump! is a development program that identifies and prepares employees to take on new positions in the company.

So far, Jump! has driven 80% of the company’s internal promotions and through this program,  our employees manage to evolve in their careers.

By investing in creating new opportunities, training and job satisfaction, it is possible to motivate and inspire all those who are part of a company with more than 10,000 people, from 82 nationalities and that provides services to 64 markets in 35 languages.

What about you, do you feel that your company invests in you and your training? Is being promoted part of your goals but you can´t get your merit to be recognized?

Lack of professional recognition is one of the main factors of lack of motivation at work. Over time, frustration can cause serious health problems such as anxiety and even depression.

Psychologists warn: if you feel this way, don’t isolate yourself. Talk to colleagues, share what you feel and try to find an alternative to your professional life. And remember, your happiness and your well-being are priceless!



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