Teleperformance Careers – Arriving in a new country for a new professional adventure is always a life challenge. At Teleperformance, we want you to feel comfortable from day one and that’s why there are welcoming programs for those who arrive, events for those who are at the company and career opportunities for those who want to stay.

Teleperformance careers – One of the operational principles  is to value people. Only motivated employees will be able to help the company pursue this path of success, with unrivalled levels of growth in the industry and with the official recognition, year after year, of Teleperformance as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal.

Your adventure at Teleperformance starts as soon as you arrive. If you come from abroad, you will be welcomed at the airport by our employees who will drive you to your apartment. From the first contact with the country and with Teleperformance, the goal is to make you feel an important element and, above all, that you are welcome.

Welcome to Teleperformance Careers

Once you’ve settled in comfortably, it’s time to start your path at Teleperformance. Once again, the company will do everything it can to make you feel happy. The first few days are therefore a small welcome program where you will get in touch with some of the company’s characteristics and visit some of its operations with the main Teleperformance clients.

This welcome phase is usually carried out together with some other people and also serves to start to make contact with your colleagues. Teleperformance Portugal has more than 10,000 employees and 95 nationalities. It is a very large and dynamic universe for you to explore.

Teleperformance careers

Well-being within the company

The next phase is already directly related to your functions. You will start by receiving specific training for the tasks that you will perform, a period that will greatly help your integration.

At Teleperformance we believe in continuous improvement and, for that reason, we have developed the TP Academy, where you can always access training programs to improve your skills and aim to move up in the company and in your career.

It’s time to face the challenges that the new roles will present to you. But don’t worry. Teleperformane is a company that believes in people’s motivation. It demands responsibility and autonomy, but it strives to create pleasant and relaxed work environments, giving freedom for personal development and for Teleperformance careers. Airy offices full of natural light, nice and helpful colleagues, modern and updated equipment…all things you can count on in your daily life.

Teleperformance really wants you to feel good. That’s why the company has created a whole ecosystem to support its employees, such as canteens with very affordable meals, internal clinics, health insurance or discount partnerships with leading brands in Portugal.

Parties and events: memorable experiences

On the other hand, the company organizes a series of activities and social events that will also help you to settle in quickly. Sports, parties, experiences for you and your family…in short, a whole universe of initiatives specially designed to make you feel welcome, happy and motivated. We are talking about the TP Club, an area of events within the company that aims for integration and loyalty.

Finally, it is important to mention that Teleperformance careers provide effective prospects for evolution. The company has developed a specific program for this purpose, called Jump!, which will prepare you to ascend within the company and take the professional leap capable of meeting your ambitions.

When you join Teleperformance Portugal, you will have the opportunity to work in a fantastic country, known for its climate, gastronomy and friendliness of the population, and to join a company that has already been considered the best company to work for in Portugal nine times.

But you will also have the opportunity to assume a lifestyle that balances professional demands with personal life, something that Teleperformance cherishes and promotes as a strategic and business philosophy.

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