Vera works at Teleperformance Portugal since 2009.

Teleperformance Portugal
Age: 37
Originally from: Portugal
Works at Teleperformance since: 2009
Qualifications: arts and Architecture

Vera Oliveira

After many challenges, numerous victories and several years of growth, with a fundamental team for the success of the Teleperformance company, she couldn’t feel happier with her job. Know another successful story!

How long have you been with Teleperformance Portugal?

I have been working at Teleperformance company since July 2009. At the time I integrated the Clix project in Setúbal as ACM (Assistant Call Centre Manager). For me it was a big change because I worked and lived in Lisbon. Moving to another company and city as a workplace was very challenging. We have been able to build a fantastic team during these years, and it is a very dear period for me in the company, especially for the extraordinary people with whom I have worked. I thank all my colleagues, not only from my team, but also from other departments, for the excellent Onboarding they have done to me. They made me a fan of Teleperformance from day one.

What functions have you performed so far, working at Teleperformance Portugal?

I have experience in telecommunications since 2001. In July 2009 I received an invitation from Teleperformance to integrate a new project. So I started my journey in this great company, as ACM. In 2010 I progressed in the career and I became the CCM (Call Centre Manager) of this same project and others that I had over time, where I stayed until March of this year.

In April, I ran for Employee & Welcome Support Manager and I was selected, and I have been performing this function since April. It’s a challenge but I feel like I’m getting more and more professional. I have also been responsible for organizing the Great Place to Work study within our company since 2014, it has been an exciting and progressing journey!

What review do you make of your journey and about all the Teleperformance job positions you have had?

My journey has been very positive! I have grown tremendously as a person and a professional, I feel that what we do every day makes a difference to the work of our teams, but mainly to the company as a whole and that gives me satisfaction. I have had the happiness of both doing what I like and accomplishing professional achievement.

Do you have any special/striking moments that you would like to reveal to us during your journey within the company?

We always have special moments, the gratitude of those who work with us, the awards we can achieve with our teams or the recognition of our customers. Fortunately I have many of these moments, but there is always that one memory or those memories that really make me happy. For me it is to see colleagues who worked with me to progress as professionals within our company, and feel that I was part of their journey.

As an Employee and Welcome Support Manager, how do you think your area contributes to the sense of belonging of Teleperformance Portugal employees?

I believe that we are and should be the point of contact of our colleagues, to solve any kind of question from their integration until their last day in our company, this is our main mission, so that their journey within the company is the best. All day we have to provide our dedication and professionalism to be able to find solutions to all issues presented to us. Our team is prepared for any challenge and we have very dynamic people who are concerned about the well-being of all colleagues, so we try to solve all issues. To facilitate the contact with our area, we have several communication channels like the telephone line with the number 800100045 that works from 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. After this period our colleagues can always use our e-mail address, we are constantly working in order to create a closer relationship between our department and our colleagues and their questions.

We are a key element in the continuous improvement of our processes and company, as we are the main source of information coming from our colleagues. We know the importance of solving well and at the first try, and that is how we can have happy employees and a company considered to be the best to work in Portugal.

Teleperformance Portugal, over the last few years, has seen tremendous growth. How has your area prepared to receive more and more people and integrate them?

It is a true pride to belong to this company growth over the years. However, this growth poses some challenges in all areas of support, and ours will be no exception. We make medium and long-term planning so that we have the best resources and the appropriate training so that our support maintains the same quality and professionalism that we want to provide our colleagues, even in more challenging times. Over the course of this year we have grown tremendously, in order to improve the quality of our services, as well as our SLAs (Service Level Agreement), as we want to provide the best service to our colleagues.

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