One of the characteristics that make Teleperformance Portugal different from many other companies is its multiculturalism.

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Mafalda Guerreiro works with us for 12 years now and is a Contact Center Manager. Teleperformance Portugal is a multilingual call center and Mafalda knows all about the advantages of having a diverse team. Get to know her experience of managing a team with 20 languages!

With 10.000 employees, 84 nationalities and 35 languages, recognized for the 9th time as a Great Place to Work, we are an organization in which the integration of diversity is part of our daily life, of all our internal processes. Being a multilingual call center, we have 35 languages in which we serve our customers and in some projects can have 20 languages on the same operational floor! Of these 20 languages, we can find people from over 20 countries. All of these countries with their own cultures and habits.

Perhaps the greatest challenge of multicultural management is to know how to use this multiculturalism toward the success of the company. We are one of the companies with the largest growth in Portugal in recent years and one of the factors that has made this possible has been exactly this diversity. People with different backgrounds build a variety of ideas that develop the company quickly, creatively and efficiently.

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There are some challenges in being a multilingual call center. It is not enough to be made up of people from the four corners of the world to be a multicultural company, but to prepare through internal programs how best to welcome and better integrate our colleagues. Many of our colleagues change countries, leave their homes and choose new lives to be part of this unique project which is Teleperformance in Portugal. It is up to us, as a company, to learn to welcome and support all our employees.

Employee Support, Welcome & Support are two of the departments that play a major role in the integration of all people, as well as the Portuguese language courses which are also strategic for a better adaptation. The various events and activities that TPClub organizes, promotes the relationship among so many different cultures.

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