Portugal immigration was a phenomenon that occurred mainly in the 20th century. Portuguese people left their homes looking for a better life. This reality has changed over the years.

Portugal has a rich history and a strong culture marked by the age of discoveries. However, like every country it had a few ups and downs. There are several reasons that lead to Portugal immigration phenomenon, mainly in the 1960s.

For several years, Portugal had an unstable political environment pronounced by a dictatorial regime, associated with police persecutions, lack of freedom of speech and colonial wars. All of this happened in a time where immigration was a tendency in Europe. The dictatorship ended and later Portugal joined The European Union. The times were changing and the financial situation of the country improved, as well as the quality of life!

Portugal immigration

Portugal, a great place to live

In the last years, the Portugal immigration scenario has changed, the Portuguese people are choosing to stay in the country and more people from all over the world are choosing Portugal as their home. There are several factors that originated this new reality.

A welcoming country with job opportunities

Portugal was considered the most welcoming country in the world by the InterNations study. We like to receive people and that we know how to treat them well, so it’s very easy to make friends in Portugal. If you want to know more about this check the article Why is Portugal considered the most welcoming country in the world?

The Portuguese employment rate is improving and there are a lot of multinational companies, like Teleperformance that are investing in the country and generating new job opportunities!

Great quality of life

The quality of life is amazing! In 2017, the Global Peace Index conclude that Portugal is the third most peaceful country in the world. For those who love sunny weather, you’ll be happy to know that the Portuguese climate is considered to be the best in Europe! In Portugal you can live a relaxed lifestyle, compared to other European cities. The public transportations are efficient and cheap all over the country and there are public services that provide good healthcare to everyone who lives in Portugal. Besides that, the food is delicious and healthy as you can check in the article Portuguese food: 4 dishes you should try

If all of those factors aren’t enough, if you live in Portugal, you can enjoy hundreds of leisure activities. Are you curious about what to do in Portugal? Check the article Are you living in Portugal for a year?

Portugal immigration

As you can see, Portugal immigration phenomenon as drastically changed. This beautiful country is now a top preference for people from all over the world.

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