Are you interested in working in the most welcoming country in the world? Today we’ll tell you how to get a job in Portugal.

Portugal’s financial situation has been improving in the latest years. That means that more companies are investing in the country and opening new job opportunities for everyone. If you are interested in being part of a competitive economic atmosphere, read the following on how to get a job in Portugal tips and grab your opportunity!

how to get a job in Portugal

Where to look for a job

One of the crucial things to know how to get a job in Portugal is to discover where to look for opportunities.  There are several employment websites, where you can look for jobs in Portugal. Some websites you can start searching are indeedSapo EmpregoEurope Language Jobs and Teleperformance Portugal website “Jobs”, which has hundreds of offers for several languages as areas. LinkedIn is always a good choice. It’s a professional network where you can upload all your information that matters to companies, it’s basically your online CV. There you can find job offers from all over the country, in several areas of expertise. Normally the big companies publish their offers on LinkedIn.

How to approach companies

There are several ways to look for the right job for you. In case you don’t resort to employment agencies, one thing to do in order to reach out to companies is to email, telephone or contact via social media channels. Any company that you find interesting and that you would like to work for will probably contact you as well.  That will show proactivity, something very appreciated in the business world in general. It’s always an advantage to do a little research about the company before you contact them, so if you go to an interview the decision-makers see that you are a dedicated person with interest in their business and you’ll be more likely to succeed at your job.

In any job, it’s important to have positive references you can present, from former coworkers who can prove that you are good at what you do. This can be decisive in getting the job you want. You should update your CV and make sure it has relevant information and that is easy to read, this can be difficult so you can download a great CV template here! We live in a digital world, so a LinkedIn profile is important for some companies, make sure it has all the relevant information, skills and even some references.

Key-facts on how to get a job in Portugal

There are a few key facts you should know considered when looking for a job in Portugal. If you are from another country it’s important to take the time to have your qualifications translated into the Portuguese equivalent, you can do this via the National Academic Recognition Information Centre.

In Portugal, according to the law, you cannot legally work for more than 40 hours per week, the average annual leave entitlement 2 days per month but there are companies that give their employees more days, and if that’s not enough you still have 13 public holidays throw-out the year! The Portuguese market has career opportunities in a vast list of sectors, so you’ll have a lot to choose from and the opportunity to start a career in an industry that interests you!

Finally, you should know that the Portuguese are very friendly people so the work environment is normally good and cooperative.

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